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Athletes and personalities have the potential to become “brands” themselves

Athletes and personalities have the potential to become “brands” themselves and all the benefits that go along with a well crafted, strategically sound and executed one. For over 20 years, Harvey Hoffenberg has worked with athletes and entertainers. He has

Stew Leonard’s

Propulsion has just written, produced and directed three videos under the campaign “If it’s gotta be fresh, it’s gotta be Stew’s.” Whether it’s traveling to Maine for Lobsters or Montana for Black Angus Beef, Stew Leonard, Jr. continues to prove

AT&T finds reception it wants on the big screen > By Sanford Nowlin, Houston Chronicle

SAN ANTONIO – Moviegoers have been seeing a lot of AT&T lately. The telecom titan is sponsoring a series of pre-movie announcements where well-known directors urge audience members to quiet their cell phones. Maybe you’ve seen the one where Goodfellas

Star Power > Kenneth Hein

These seven celebrities are master marketers. Here’s how to make their secrets work for you. One can impart great wisdom from Paris Hilton – believe it or not. Taking a lesson from P. Diddy and Johnny Depp is a good

Fine paper and first-rate printing shows Mercedes’ investment in its mailer > Harvey Hoffenberg, DM News

In the category of the medium is the message, I received a DM piece from Mercedes that I couldn’t help but open, peruse and actually read. Now, I am in the business but this piece was a little special. The

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