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Fine paper and first-rate printing shows Mercedes’ investment in its mailer > Harvey Hoffenberg, DM News

In the category of the medium is the message, I received a DM piece from Mercedes that I couldn’t help but open, peruse and actually read. Now, I am in the business but this piece was a little special. The

Art and Commerce – Out of Bounds > By Harvey Hoffenberg, Adweek

“Over the years a solid, well-defined and memorable brand was forged. But regardless of whether the jury in the Anucha Browne Sanders lawsuit got the sexual harassment verdict right, the MSG brand is now a tarnished Heavyweight Champion’s belt, a

Harvey Hoffenberg Named Advisor Partner at Goode Partners > Goode Partners

Harvey Hoffenberg has just been named Advisor Partner at Goode Partners — a private equity firm dedicated to creating significant shareholder value by bringing a combination of operational and financial resources into active partnerships with owners and management teams of

That Marketing Show

Harvey Hoffenberg appears on “That Marketing Show” “That Marketing Show” is an online broadcast of marketing executives and leaders of small to midsized businesses, who share practical tips and strategies to help organizations build more awareness, more loyal customers and

The Science of Branding – From chickens to Cheerios, Connecticut marketing guru Harvey Hoffenberg has brought a fresh approach to branding, turning an art into something of a science. > By Matthew Broderick

It’s a safe bet that Harvey Hoffenberg has spent some part of the last two decades in your head. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, his slogans will. He made Pepsi “the choice of a new generation.” He transformed

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