Nine Star


Over the last 20 years, popularity of Action Sports has skyrocketed. Snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, in-line skating and BMX biking have grown from subculture phenomena to mainstream teen sports, showing double-digit annual participation growth.

But the retail industry has not kept up with this demand. Shoppers must currently settle for limited selection and high prices at tiny Mom and Pop’s or generic inventory and unknowledgable sales staff at large general merchandisers and existing sporting goods retailers.


Create a “place to feel comfortable” for this multi-dimensional, passionate customer rather than just a place to purchase products.


Launch NineStar, a category-killer, multi-channel retailer and provide an answer to the Active Sports popularity with its prototype store in West Los Angeles.

The NineStar experience is both interactive and entertaining. Using an on site half-pipe skate ramp, hands-on product displays and an interactive video game and music lounge—customers demo products right in the store. All sales associates are well trained in Action Sports and their professional guidance enhances the entire shopping experience.


Los Angeles Store – Exterior

Entertainment Station

Los Angeles Store – Interior

Los Angeles Store – Interior

In-store Skate


NineStar has achieved proof of concept in West Los Angeles and is ready to duplicate its success with a newly opened Mission Viejo store and are expected to expand nationwide.

NineStar will continue to launch 8-12,000 square foot superstores, expand its e-commerce website and publish a catalogue featuring a complete inventory of Action Sports hard goods and soft goods.

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