Stew Leonard’s


Stew Leonard’s, “the world’s largest dairy store” and local CT / NY grocery chain icon was faced with replacing a money making, established chicken supplier in the all natural, antibiotic and preservative free segment.


Replace a successful, well known brand and recapture revenue lost with a new, untested private label product and do it with limited media support.


Named, consulted on label design, marketing and launched “Naked Chicken”—an all natural, antibiotic and preservative free, fresh chicken product



In-store Merchandising

In-store Promotion

Promotional “T” Shirt

Web Site 7


With minimal support, but with a memorable brand name and strong in-store promotion, the product took off immediately, surpassing last year’s sales by 300% over the established brand it replaced. Stew Leonard’s announced it a “home run” and has now developed an entire “Naked” line.

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