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A new hospital is in its final design stages before ground is broken and there is a need to develop a position and theme to help raise funds over the course of its completion.

At the same time, current management of the existing hospital is looking for a way to reposition the hospital and needs a new umbrella theme to communicate it to its patients and staff.


Early on, we believed a single theme would work best to unify both assignments. We had to
make sure it would perform in the marketplace and be embraced by the administration and both Boards.


Working with the incredibly talented people at the hospital — its staff, physicians and boards –our team developed a strategy and positioning for the capital campaign to raise funding for the new, gleaming, state-of-the-art facility unlike any in the entire region.

The new theme line: “Healing. Reimagined.” was developed and will be used to both help unify the fundraising efforts and reposition the entire Stamford Health System to reflect its forward thinking, patient-centered philosophy. The theme captures the passion for changing the way healthcare is viewed at Stamford Hospital today and will be in its new hospital.


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