Fine paper and first-rate printing shows Mercedes’ investment in its mailer > Harvey Hoffenberg, DM News

In the category of the medium is the message, I received a DM piece from Mercedes that I couldn’t help but open, peruse and actually read. Now, I am in the business but this piece was a little special. The paper felt like suede and the printing was first-rate. It had a magnetic flap that closed with authority.

Clearly, Mercedes has made an invest_ment in this mailing. It was most likely sent to a very targeted sample — one who looked to be worth the extra spend. I checked out the paper and discovered that the outer brochure alone would cost something in the range of $2-$3 each. That price estimate does not include the four color pages inside.

In the DM area, many clients would balk at that kind of expenditure but, if someone does not even open your correspondence, there’s not much chance of them reading it. A good-looking, luxury-feel piece like this — one that makes valued consumers read what you have to say — really shows what the medium can say about the message and the brand.