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Adidas “All in or nothing” World Cup spot whiffs.

Yet another high production, ie expensive, spot has included all the executional trimmings except the most important ingredient – an idea.

AT&T finds reception it wants on the big screen > By Sanford Nowlin, Houston Chronicle

SAN ANTONIO – Moviegoers have been seeing a lot of AT&T lately. The telecom titan is sponsoring a series of pre-movie announcements where well-known directors urge audience members to quiet their cell phones. Maybe you’ve seen the one where Goodfellas

Star Power > Kenneth Hein

These seven celebrities are master marketers. Here’s how to make their secrets work for you. One can impart great wisdom from Paris Hilton – believe it or not. Taking a lesson from P. Diddy and Johnny Depp is a good

Fine paper and first-rate printing shows Mercedes’ investment in its mailer > Harvey Hoffenberg, DM News

In the category of the medium is the message, I received a DM piece from Mercedes that I couldn’t help but open, peruse and actually read. Now, I am in the business but this piece was a little special. The

Art and Commerce – Out of Bounds > By Harvey Hoffenberg, Adweek

“Over the years a solid, well-defined and memorable brand was forged. But regardless of whether the jury in the Anucha Browne Sanders lawsuit got the sexual harassment verdict right, the MSG brand is now a tarnished Heavyweight Champion’s belt, a

Harvey Hoffenberg Named Advisor Partner at Goode Partners > Goode Partners

Harvey Hoffenberg has just been named Advisor Partner at Goode Partners — a private equity firm dedicated to creating significant shareholder value by bringing a combination of operational and financial resources into active partnerships with owners and management teams of

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